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6 Advantages of Rebranding your Company

Are you considering rebranding your company? The aim of rebranding is to create a new brand identity in the minds of your investors, customers, and the general public.

Rebranding offers your company a chance to stand out from your competitors by showing your target audience what makes your company different.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of rebranding.

By rebranding your image or company personality, you can attract new customers.

1. By refreshing a brand design, you can connect to new audiences and appeal to a wider demographic.

In 2015, Old Spice rebranded after learning that 60% of men’s body washes were bought by women.

Old Spice rebranded to speak to a female audience and created its ‘’The Man Your Man Can Smell Like’’ campaign. Within a year, website traffic was up by 300%, and YouTube subscribers and overall sales increased by 200%.

2. Company rebranding sends the right message to your stakeholders and also shows your employees that your company can respond to a changing market.

Instagram rebranded and launched a new logo and identity in response to its always-changing user base. Instagram has become diverse community platform and is now valued at $35 billion.

3. Rebranding your company assists you to reflect who your company is today.

Rebranding is an important decision to boost your image and reputation.

4. A new brand identity can add energy to your company.

5. A rebrand can assist you to attain a seamless brand look.

Your brand messaging has to be seamless, as your messaging needs to be clear for your audience.

6. You can utilise your rebrand to get people talking about your company on social media.

Would you like to rebrand your company? At Brand Moon, we specialise in rebranding. Get in touch with us today on +27 010 009 5478 or email to find out more about our rebranding services.

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