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Remote and efficient since 2021!

Johannesburg & Cape Town

Telephone: +27 82 455 8139


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Nikki Wilson

Managing Creative Director

Nikki is the  Agency Team Leader. With 15 Years Executive Level Exp. VP Corporate Marketing.  Nikki is an All-rounder. B2B Specialist. Way Shower, Strategic Thinker. All things People & Operations. A Magic Maker. 

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Tessa Dreyer

Head of Art and Design

Tessa has a Masters in Fine Art. 20 Yrs Exp. running a successful design studio. Vast body of work.  Tessa is Highly skilled in Adobe Creative Suite. An appreciator of beautiful things.

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Kirsty Gilliard

Director & Producer

Kirsty has varied experience across the spectrum of marketing, strategy and TV production and video. Kirsty has a wealth of experience and stash of awards & honors under belt. A bringer of order and herder of cats!

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Sam Jones

Snr. Creative Strategist

Sam has over 15 Yrs Agency Experience. Marketing Fundi. Skilled in traditional & digital marketing. And all-rounder and strategist. Wordsmith, Creative Thinker. Client Services. Sam is an Action Taker.

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