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22 Magwa Crescent, Ground  Floor, Gateway West Building

Waterfall City, Midrand, Johannesburg

South Africa

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Modern business [You] + a contemporary forward-thinking Marketing Company [Us] = Win Win.

Joining the dots and bridging the gaps between Traditional Marketing and Digital is what we do best.

This 'new' emerging marketing approach, gives us an opportunity to amplify your brand's voice over a combination of channels as well as provide you with valuable performance feedback - something traditional marketing metrics on their own struggled to do.


Essentially all marketing assets from different channels can be applied and translated online.  Not only can we provide you with valuable insights into your marketing campaign performance, but also, through applying these new marketing tactics, you establish a powerful means of reaching & connecting your customers with your business.  

To remain competitive and relevant in today's business climate,  this approach must be weighted as a strategic imperative for any modern business.

Contact our Marketing Company today to assist you in developing your Marketing assets.


striking images and layouts bring messages to life, and give brands their image and capture the right attention.

we develop superb, user-friendly, SEO optimized, modern websites that showcase

your products and 



brand moon can assist  you in refreshing or

generating a new brand identity, from logo design to a must have CI manual.


looking to launch a

new product or idea? we will put the pieces together and join the strategic dots.


editorial and advertorials

or any press releases, we get involved in communication with your stakeholders.


let's get social. likes and follows are nice, but so is creating content engagement with fans.

we get the impressions 

and clicks and get

you found on google with

pay-per-click ads.

what do you want to say? not sure how to say it... let us pick your brain and craft the messages.

from year end functions to product launches we've got you covered.

brand moon creates

digital marketing ecosystems, designed to get you ranked on google and bring in leads online.

we tell stories; create e-books, social media, videos, brochures, newsletters, flyers, catalogs, we create content for your needs.

Contact Us.


22 Magwa Crescent, Gateway West Building

Waterfall City, Midrand, South Africa

t: 010 009 5478

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